Submissions Guidelines

Submit to: with the word “submission” in your subject line and your work included in the body of your email. No attachments please!

Send: 1-10 pieces. Tweet-length (140 characters) fiction and poetry.   Please include a tweet-length bio with your byline.

E.g., For sale: Baby shoes, never worn. 

Bio: Ernest Hemingway is the author of such works as The Old Man and the SeaThe Sun Also Rises, and A Farewell to Arms.

Formatting: Poets, please indicate line breaks with single slashes. It’s Twitter, so no bold or italic formatting. Typically, we also do not include titles.

Reprints are welcome. However, please don’t simultaneously submit. We’d rather reprint your work later than find out it isn’t available now.

Rights: We ask for one-time electronic rights and archive rights–works will appear on twitter and sometimes the blog. Otherwise, you retain all rights to your work.

Reading period: Year-round.

Response times: 1-4 weeks. Please report your response times at Duotrope!

After a rejection, please wait two weeks before submitting new work. After an acceptance, please wait a month after we publish your work before submitting more.

Payment:  7×20 is a nonpaying market.

Genres: Literary and speculative works of all types are welcome and encouraged. We will consider 5-tweet serials.

Holidays for which we typically seek themed work: Valentine’s Day (14 Feb), April Fool’s Day (1 April), Earth Day (22 April), Victoria Day (20 May), Memorial Day (27 May), Canada Day (1 July), Independence Day (4 July), Ramadan (begins 9 July), Labo(u)r Day (2 Sept), Yom Kippur (begins 13 Sept), Hallowe’en (31 Oct), Veteran’s Day (11 November), American Thanksgiving (28 Nov), Hanukkah, Christmas (25 Dec), Boxing Day (26 Dec), Kwanzaa (26 Dec-1 Jan).

Feel free to send work for other holidays or awareness weeks!

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