Editorial Update: 2/26/2016

Happy Friday, readers!  This month we published work by Nicholas Klacsanzky, Ahimaz Rajesh, Robert Petras, Bill Waters, Emily Jo Scalzo, D.L. Shirey, Mark Danowsky, and Daryl Muranaka.  Many thanks to all of them for sharing their stories and poems!

There are currently five submissions in the queue, so it’s a great time to submit. Our earliest outstanding submission was sent on February 20, so if you submitted before then and have not received a response, please get in touch: 7x20mag AT gmail DOT com. Currently our theme is open. Feel free to send work for upcoming holidays around the world.

Please note: Earlier this year, we made a few small updates to the submissions guidelines regarding bylines and submission frequency.

Thanks for reading! Questions and comments welcomed.