Seven by Twenty Announcements!

Happy Friday, readers! Summer is nearly over and with it our summer blogging hiatus. (The magazine has, you’ve likely noticed, been going strong all season.) Official Seven by Twenty updates will resume on September 4. A big thanks to all the writers we’ve featured this summer. I’ll do a roundup in the next week or so, but it’s been wonderful to be able to share your work.

I am excited to announce new projects for the fall, which will include three theme months in October, November, and December. You see, after the annual VIDA count, I sort of eyeballed our numbers and found them much more lopsided than I would have liked. So in order to promote diversity among our writers and generally just to do something awesome and new for us, I am excited to share the following themes:

October–Women Tweet Lit! (submissions open September 1 until full)

November–Writers of Color Tweet Lit! (submissions open October 1 until full)

December–Queer Writers Tweet Lit! (submissions open November 1 until full)

That’s right, for each of these months Seven by Twenty will feature tweet-length stories and poems by these individuals who identify with these groups. Please spread the word and submit!

I’ve anticipated some of your questions below; otherwise, do share them in the comments. Thanks for reading!

How do I submit to these new theme months?

The same way you would for Seven by Twenty any other time of the year. Our submissions guidelines are here.

How many stories or poems can I send?

We will still consider up to ten individual tweet-length pieces.

When will you respond to my submission?

ASAP. Feel free to query after two weeks during these special submissions periods.

Do my stories/poems have to be about ____ identity?

Absolutely not. You can send us naturalist haikus or whodunnit micro-fictions. Of course, if your work does deal with gender/race/sexuality, that’s all to the good, too.

What if I identify with more than one group?

Feel free to submit during multiple reading periods.

What counts as queer?

So much. Basically if you’re not cisgendered or straight, that issue is for you.

What if I’m a white, cisgendered, straight man?

We hope you’ll enjoy reading the new work! Plus, we’re still reading submissions for our non-themed September issue.

What about Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/etc.?

We’d be happy to receive holiday-specific submissions–within the parameters of the theme. E.g., if you’re a woman who writes horror, this October is for you.

I like Seven by Twenty the way it is. Why are you doing this?

Because diversity is awesome. And because we want to shake things up a little.

Can I submit reprints for the themed months?


Can I submit a serial?

Yes, although we’ll only publish one per month at the most, so make sure it’s a good one.

Will you collect the works for the different themes?

Maybe. We’re investigating some ebook options.

Will I get paid?

Sadly, we’re still a nonpaying market. We’re hoping to fix that generally in 2016. We are considering some readers choice prizes for the upcoming special issues.


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